How To Score Candlepin

Scoring Example

House Rules

1) #EveryBodyBowls

2) 3 Balls & Hit the Button

Scoring Example

In the 1st box: You knock down 8 pins after 3 balls.

In the 2nd box: You knock down 7 pins after 3 balls.

In the 3rd box: You knock down all 10 with 3 balls.

In the 4th box: You knock down all 10 with 1 ball, scoring a strike. You add the first 2 balls of the 5th box to strike. (10+3+2)

In the 5th box: You roll 3rd ball and the total down is a 9. (3+2+4)

In the 6th box: You knock all 10 pins down in 2 balls scoring a spare. Your spare is worth 10 plus pins fallen from the first ball of the 7th box. In this case 6.

In the 7th box: Finish rolling the 2nd & 3rd ball and total down after all 3 balls is 8. (6+1+1)

In the 8th box: You knock down 9 pins after 3 balls.

In the 9th box: You score a strike!

In the 10th box: You score a spare, filling your strike box with a 10 & a total of being 20 in your 9th box! To finish out the 10th box and your spare, roll 1 ball and add it to your spare! (10+8=18)

Even Homer Bowls Candlepin!


Sun: Closed
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Wed: 12-10pm
Thur: 12-11pm
Fri: 12pm-12am
Sat: 12pm-12am

Located in South Boston

543 E Broadway (between G St & H St) Boston, MA 02127

Kal FademKal Fadem
19:34 09 Dec 22
Came in from North Carolina with friends for the weekend. Hadn't played candlepin bowling since I was young but I told my friends we had to do it and this place did not disappoint. Great setting, plenty of lanes, cheap beer, cheap games. And the guy at the front seemed amused with us outsiders and answered all of our questions. Totally awesome. I'm giving them 6 stars out of 5
James HansonJames Hanson
12:38 04 Oct 22
Great place to bowl mixed crowd fun for all agesThere's a pro that works here John than can teach how to bowl like a RockstarSue is a Hottie she runs a industrial league that is awesomeThe owner is very accommodating to special requests
Sean CarrollSean Carroll
03:41 22 Sep 22
This place messed up the booking, but was more than accommodating to me and my girl. What a genuinely nice staff. Highly recommend it was a lot of fun
Kyle NeelyKyle Neely
14:18 17 Jun 22
Great beer selection, a touch tunes jukebox, friendly employees. First time ever playing candle pin and the guy behind the desk explained to us how to keep score. This place is great.
Timur RustamovTimur Rustamov
01:53 06 Mar 22
Feels like a bit of a time machine. Place feels like it came straight from the 80s movies. Not the automatic scoring machines we were used to - you have to keep score on a sheet they provide. And I kept forgetting to press the button to reset the pins - too used to playing on an automatic alley.We didn't know the difference between candlepin bowling and the more conventional one before going. So we were surprised to see the small balls and thin pins. Still a very fun experience.